Product Range


The name BURG-WÄCHTER has been synonymous with private and commercial security since 1920. Specialising in locks and bolts, safes, cash boxes, key cabinets and letterboxes, BURG-WÄCHTER develops and produces high quality, user-friendly security products to the highest standards of German engineering, under the slogan “Always the Safe Choice.”


JMA is the largest producer of original keys in Europe, and holds a pre-eminent position within the global key industry, offering a wide range of quality products and services to its customers all over the world.

JMA has four production plants which are devoted exclusively to key manufacturing, being able to produce 1.2 million keys per day, and keeping around 60,000 different key references in process.

In addition, JMA is the first key manufacturer to meet the ISO 9000 Quality Standard. “JMA has the Experience of a Market Leader.”


The LOCKTON range of security products is made from the highest quality materials with state-of-the-art manufacturing and quality control. The Griffin is a mythical creature, part lion and part eagle, which has been known throughout history as a protector and guardian.

LOCKTON, and its Griffin are your “Symbol of Strength and Security.”


LOCKDECODERS are a specialist organisation dealing in the development of sophisticated Automotive Locksmithing aids. Developing only the highest quality tools for Automotive locksmithing, the Lockdecoders’ aim is to provide the locksmithing industry with “Tools That Really Work.”

Our OEM remotes are specifically made to be paired with compatible OEM garage/gate receivers.

Customers can simply choose & purchase an identical OEM remote to replace existing or to have a spare

All remotes come with easy to follow instructions.

Genuine remotes are developed with extensive R&D and are backed by manufacturer warranty

KEYDIY is an aftermarket solution for Automotive Remotes.

The KEYDIY system can generate automotive remotes for 58 different makes of vehicle and 1000’s of different models.

The quality of the KEYDIY Remotes are second to none, with many users commenting that they are better than their original remote.


>>>SGT is all about Solutions

Solutions to everyday problems that the modern locksmith faces.

Solutions that make getting the job done quicker & easier.

Solutions that work !


In every Metabo tool there is traditional Swabian engineering ingenuity. Since 1924 we have been developing innovative ideas in our Nürtingen plant and have been implementing them into pioneering tools and perfect accessories for professional users directly on site. Even our excellent service makes us a strong partner for industry..

Great production depth and width including own battery pack technology

High production levels thanks to modern production techniques with the highest efficiency.

Absolute focus on quality by the employees at every production stage


Since its foundation in 1960, Hitachi Maxell, Ltd. has built up an international reputation for excellence and reliability, pioneering the power supplies and digital recording for today’s mobile and multi-media devices, leading the electronics industry at home and abroad in the fields of storage media and batteries.


Founded in 2005, Keyport, Inc. is dedicated to creating a more compact, convenient, and stylish alternative to the traditional keychain.

The Keyport™ Slide streamlines some of the most important everyday personal items we carry and consolidates them into a device that allows the user to access any one with just the slide of a thumb.

Keyport, Inc.'s product suite infuses this traditionally utilitarian function with the opportunity to display one's personal style.


True Utility is one of the UK's largest designers and suppliers of pocket tools, utility accessories and LED flashlights.

TRUE UTILITY is a British design company that creates clever and original products that belong in people’s pockets, giving them minimalist, practical solutions to everyday problems.

TRUE UTILITY “In Your Pocket.”


ACCESS TOOLS has been an industry leader since 1986. They are fast becoming the leading manufacturer of automotive lock-out equipment for locksmiths

ACCESS TOOLS carries everything in lock-out tools for the car opening professional.

ACCESS TOOLS is the “Leader in Automotive Specialty Tools.”


ROLA-CASE and ROLA-SHELF is the ultimate in van racking, vehicle accessories and mobile storage systems.

All of our innovative products have been engineered, designed, tested and manufactured in Australia since 1982 and are built around three key elements – “safety, durability and quality.”


The ULTRALIFT Corporation of San Jose, California USA, have been making the UltraLift Motorised Powered Hand Truck for 30+ years. The ULTRALIFT uses a combination of motorised lifting, leverage and balance to greatly reduce operator effort and improve safety in all kinds of moves.

ULTRALIFT is “The Best Move You’ll Ever Make!”


The SPECIALTY PRODUCTS range of pins and pinning kits supports most major international lock brands.

With over 28 years of specialized manufacturing in the security industry, SPECIALTY PRODUCTS delivers “high-quality lock pins and lock pin kits designed for locksmiths and leading lock brand manufacturers.”


Since 1976 MAJOR MANUFACTURING have been providing specialty installation equipment, servicing tools and supplies to the professional locksmith. From their signature product, the Kee-Blok, to their wide range of Locksmith Tools, MAJOR MANUFACTURING are “committed to providing the quality tools and supplies needed by our changing industry.”


StrongArm® Inc. have the reputation for very specialised, high quality and innovative tools for drilling safes and vaults.

StrongArm® offer the “finest drill bits, drill rigs and safe drilling products available.”


Locksmith Ledger International is the leader in providing cutting edge product information and installation techniques for the Locksmith and Installing Security Professional.

Every month, Locksmith Ledger International highlights new products, as well as, their step by step installation process making it a must read and a reference tool for the future.